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Events for June  Sylvester Saraceno:   

Writers in the Woods events


Publication Links



Up the Staircase Quarterly—Night Currents

The Adirondack Review—County Cork

American Journal of Nursing—Skin


Lady Liberty Lit—Hair Fable, Late Morning in Bed


   * * *

Creative Nonfiction:

The Rumpus—Chicken Marsala and Meth

Nevada Humanities—In the Dark Shadows of Quarantine

   * * * 


Bartleby Snopes—Nighttime Stories

Santa Fe Writers Project—Buttercup Chain

Per Contra—Winning Prisoner

   * * *


The Adirondack Review—Two poems by René Agostini

Blue Lyra—Walking Along the Rhone / Promenade au bord du Rhône by René Agostini

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